A Cat Has Miraculously Survived After Being Frozen Solid

Frozen, unresponsive cat brought back to life by vets

Frozen, unresponsive cat brought back to life by vets

Veterinarians in Montana in the USA revived a cat named Fluffy that almost froze to death after being found in a snowbank covered from head to tail in ice and snow.

On Tuesday, the Animal Clinic of Kalispell in Kalispell, Montana, introduced the world to Fluffy, a longhaired domestic cat, and shared her miraculous story on Facebook.

Dr. Jevon Clark, who works at the Animal Clinic of Kalispell, told ABC News when they brought Fluffy to the clinic her temperature was so slow it didn't even register on a thermometer - with a bottom range of 90 degrees.

It took seven hours, but eventually, doctors were able to bring Fluffy's body temperature back to normal.

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Fluffy's owners weren't home when she got stuck in the snow, so they still aren't sure exactly how it happened. The clinic shared a photo of the unfrozen Fluffy, showcasing her lovely, long fur.

Typically, cats have a temperature between 37.5C and 39C, according to petMD.

The clinic knew Fluffy would survive once they heard growling. "Excellent save! So glad the veterinarians and technicians and the owner worked hard to save this cat", said one commenter. "We'll see if Fluffy likes that or Fluffy doesn't like that", Dr Clark said.

Clark said Fluffy's owners plan to try to keep her inside for now. It wasn't clear how long Fluffy, an outdoor cat, had been there. "And finally, we put her in heated kennel". The cat was discharged to her owners the same night, and when vets checked on her a few days later, she appeared to be back to normal. For Fluffy, her owners made a life-saving decision.

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