A temporary end to U.S. govt shutdown

Broken man: Right wing rips Trump over no-wall shutdown deal

Broken man: Right wing rips Trump over no-wall shutdown deal

Trump has vowed if an agreement on border security can not be reached by February 15 - the end of the temporary Continuing Resolution to fully fund the government - he would shut down the government again or invoke national emergency authority to use money other than what Congress appropriates for a wall to get it paid for and built.

U.S. President Donald Trump announces a deal to temporarily reopen the government, in the Rose Garden of the White House on Friday. He continued: "We will build the Wall!"

According to the conservative editorial board, "Trump cut his growing political losses on Friday by agreeing to reopen the government for three weeks pending new border-spending negotiations".

Gidley said that Trump had repeatedly asked for the sort of border funding that US security officials said they needed, only to encounter intransigent Democrats in Congress.

The next step in the talks will be the defining moment for Trump, Mulvaney said.

Trump's job approval ratings drooped from an already anaemic 40 percent down into the mid-30s, a troubling sign as he looks ahead to a 2020 re-election battle, already clouded by the prospect of more headlines from a Russian election meddling probe.

A bipartisan, bicameral congressional committee has been charged with brokering an agreement on border security as part of a deal to keep the government open past February 15, and a stalemate could trigger another shutdown.

Waltz also said that a good number of Democrats are not looking to Pelosi for leadership.

Standing alone in the Rose Garden, Trump said that he would sign legislation funding shuttered agencies until February 15 and try again to persuade lawmakers to finance his long-sought wall.

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The 35-day shutdown had been bruising for the 800,000 federal employees who were put on leave or made to work without pay since Dec 22, and for Mr Trump, who had once promised to own the shutdown.

Democrats won their fight with President Donald Trump over the government shutdown for now, but the all-consuming debate derailed their plans to showcase issues that helped them win a House majority and that they plan to use to set the 2020 agenda.

"As federal employees return to work on Monday after a bruising 35 day absence, Democrat and Republican leaders are to form a bipartisan 'conference committee" to start the hard process of finding common ground before the February 15 deadline. "Yeah, actually I think he is", Mulvaney said on "Face the Nation".

Hakeem Jeffries, chairman of the Democratic caucus in the House of Representatives, said on the same television show that shutdowns were "not legitimate negotiating tactics" in public policy disagreements between two branches of government.

"This president said it was going to be conditional, border security, building that wall, and he just reversed himself. Regardless of what they try and say and the tears that stream down their cheeks, they did nothing to protect the American people".

Dobbs pushed back against his pro-Trump panel of former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka and former acting ICE director Thomas Homan after Gorka tried claiming the president's shutting down of the government was a "masterstroke".

In another piece, he seemingly portrayed the president as a shark attacking federal workers affected by the shutdown.

"@SpeakerPelosi should give the State of the Union since she's obviously the one running the country", tweeted Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif.

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