Russian Federation warns US against military intervention in Venezuela

A National Police officer fires rubber bullets during the protest against Maduro in Caracas

A National Police officer fires rubber bullets during the protest against Maduro in Caracas

In a strongly-worded statement backing Moscow ally Maduro, the Russian foreign ministry warned that global support for opposition leader Juan Guaido, who declared himself interim president Wednesday, was a "direct path to lawlessness and bloodshed".

Gabbard, 37, the first Hindu elected to US Congress and a four-time Democratic lawmaker, recently announced she will run for President in 2020.

The European Union, which has imposed sanctions on Maduro's government, noted that Venezuelans had "massively called for democracy and the possibility to freely determine their own destiny" but stopped short of recognizing Guaido.

A veteran of Iraq war, she has been opposed to American interventionist policy overseas and is against deployment of USA troops in other countries.

In giving his backing to Mr Guaido, the USA president pledged he would use "the full weight of United States economic and diplomatic power to press for the restoration of Venezuelan democracy".

Indian-American Congressman Ro Khanna too slammed Trump for his new policy on Venezuela.

Reuters is reporting that private military contractors working on behalf of Russian Federation are in Venezuela to help embattled socialist President Nicolas Maduro strengthen security amid opposition protests and a competing claim to leadership. "There is no doubt the Maduro's economic policies have been bad, and he has engaged in financial mismanagement and also political authoritarianism", he said.

A senior USA official, speaking on condition of anonymity, warned Mr Maduro and his loyalists that Washington was ready to ramp up oil, gold and other sanctions.

"What we want to make sure that former president Maduro knows is that he doesn't have the right to make the decision about whether or not we stay there", Pompeo said.

"It was the United States position that Guaido had to have the constitutional backing", the official said.

"We must learn the lessons of the past and not be in the business of regime change or supporting coups - as we have in Chile, Guatemala, Brazil and the Dominican Republic", the 2016 presidential hopeful said in a statement, while also condemning Venezuela's crackdown on protesters.

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Analysts at the Eurasia Group consultancy noted that while worldwide recognition of Guaido as interim president cemented his position as the main opposition leader, his failure to win over the military meant Maduro's fall "does not appear imminent".

It was no small diplomatic feat, given the mistrust of the Latin America due to the painful memories stemming from USA military interventions in the region during the Cold War.

The State Department in a notice said it had "ordered non-emergency USA government employees to depart Venezuela". Their departure came after Maduro broke off relations with Washington and ordered the US personnel out.

The European Union and USA ratcheted up the pressure on Maduro to agree to new elections, with an EU diplomat telling AFP the bloc wanted "an immediate call for elections in the near future".

Maduro, who has led the oil-rich nation since 2013 and was re-elected a year ago in an election largely seen as a sham, severed diplomatic ties with the United States earlier this week.

Guaido, a photogenic 35-year-old lawmaker who has re-invigorated the opposition, has argued that three public sectors are critical to establishing a new government: The people, the worldwide community and the military.

Meanwhile, all eyes were on Mr Guaido whose whereabouts have been a mystery since the 35-year-old was symbolically sworn in on Wednesday before tens of thousands of cheering supporters, promising to uphold the constitution and rid Venezuela of Mr Maduro's rule.

That still leaves Guaido struggling against a state unwilling to recognize him and security forces that could jail him, as they did his mentor Leopoldo Lopez - who is under house arrest for leading anti-Maduro protests in 2014.

Guaido's bold move capped three days of high tension that began Monday when a group of soldiers took over a command post in the capital Caracas and rose up against Maduro.

Mr Guaido has said he would be willing to replace Mr Maduro with the support of the military and to call free elections.

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