Utah Driver Participating in Viral ‘Bird Box Challenge’ Crashes Vehicle While Blindfolded

Driver who crashed while blindfolded was participating in ‘Bird Box Challenge’

Driver who crashed while blindfolded was participating in ‘Bird Box Challenge’

Police in the United States city of Layton, Utah, have reminded drivers not to take part in the so-called Bird Box challenge after a 17-year-old girl caused a two-car crash. One YouTube star also filmed himself driving while blindfolded.

What is the "Bird Box Challenge"? "This happened on Monday as a result of the driver covering her eyes while driving on Layton Parkway".

She had allegedly pulled a beanie over her eyes as part of the challenge, before losing control of her auto and smashing into another driver, a light pole and a sound barrier.

"Bird Box" is a recently released Netflix drama featuring Sandra Bullock where a woman and her children live in an apocalyptic world that requires them to cover their eyes to avoid evil in order to escape.

The Bird Box Challenge wallowed somewhere in between being not-a-meme and a meme-in-embryonic-state earlier this month when Netflix tweeted a warning to its users not to engage in this risky activity.

The department shared two photos on Twitter - the gray truck the 17-year-old girl was driving while blindfolded, and the white SUV she hit.

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Last week Netflix warned fans not to attempt the challenge.

Police are reportedly weighing reckless driving charges against the teen.

Authorities say no one was injured during the crash.

It's also - and I can't believe we're at the point where this actually has to be said - an incredibly risky stunt to pull off the in real world.

Lieutenant Travis Lyman, a spokesperson for the department, told Gizmodo that a 17-year-old girl tried her luck with the meme on Monday and ended up crashing into another vehicle. But others might not be so lucky with such a risky stunt.

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