Flu numbers are on the rise in Northern B.C.

CDC confirms: FluMist nasal spray is less effective than the shot

CDC confirms: FluMist nasal spray is less effective than the shot

ME had 510 confirmed influenza cases through January 5 - the latest figures available - down from 768 during the same time period in 2017-18.

Flu season, which began back in October, has officially arrived in Southwest Florida with more than 310 cases confirmed during the week of December 23, according to Lee Health.

Providence officials say last week more than 10 percent of people coming into the emergency room at Providence St. Peter in Olympia had flu-like symptoms and almost 20 percent of flu tests came back positive.

The County Health and Human Services Agency publishes the weekly Influenza Watch report, which tracks key flu indicators and summarizes influenza surveillance in the region. While the medical professionals are treating some influenza B, the strain of the virus physicians are seeing most is influenza A. The single best way to protect yourself against the flu is to get vaccinated. We also work with outpatient departments within the Henry Ford and University of MI health systems to figure out what the vaccine does to prevent people going to the doctor to treat their flu symptoms.

If you get the flu, your doctor may prescribe antiviral drugs to treat your flu symptoms.

Thomas shared the flu shot is comprised of what flu strands were circulating the year prior.

Alabama is one of 19 states reporting high levels of the flu.

Older adults were more protected from the strain as it was similar to another strain that had circulated many years prior that they may have been exposed to when they were younger. "In addition, we have vaccinated against this strain of H1N1 in 2009 and every year since", says Dr. Warshawsky. "If symptoms are mild and you want to tough it out at home, that is reasonable too".

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Last week the Arkansas Department of Heath reported that four people had died as a result of the flu since its last report more than two weeks earlier.

For nearly everyone. The CDC recommends flu shots for anyone 6 months and older.

Medical health officer Rakel Kling told CBC's Daybreak North host Carolina de Ryk that the whole province, but the North in particular, are experiencing a higher-than-average rate of influenza this season.

Public health officials theorize that young children are being particularly hard-hit this season because they were not born when the H1N1 serotype was last widespread in Canada, thus they were unable to build up immunity. For more information on how you can get the flu vaccine at no cost, visit Flu Vaccine on the TRICARE website.

Quinton's case illustrates the true cost of a disease that some people dismiss as "just the flu".

This year's strain of H1N1 is far removed from the Swine Flu that swept through North America a decade ago.

The most common symptoms of the flu include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headaches and fatigue.

"There's no ifs or ands about it because we don't want to go through this again", Wesley Kequahtooway said. Do you have a sense of how effective this year's flu vaccine will be?

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