Eastern Iowa man dies from the flu

First case of flu confirmed in the city

First case of flu confirmed in the city

As cases of the flu continue to increase in Florida, many people are left wondering if they have the cold or the flu.

Allison had mild asthma, but about half the children who die from the flu were healthy before flu hit, according to the CDC. It takes up to two weeks after vaccination for the body to achieve full benefit against the flu virus. It said it had received a report of the death of a child under the age of 18 from flu, but had no more details.

While it's too early to tell just how effective this year's flu shot is, the vaccine protects against this year's most prevalent strain. "Up from previous weeks where we have 5-6 in an entire week", said Tom Haupt, DHS.

On its website it says: "Seasonal influenza vaccine must be changed each year as the viruses naturally change over time".

At this point a year ago, there were 11,275 confirmed cases.

Dr Kelleher urged people to get the flu vaccine if they have not done so already and to avoid sending children to school or going to work if you have symptoms of the flu.

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An unidentified man from Eastern Iowa is the first to succumb to the flu virus this season, the Iowa Department of Public Health is reporting. Nearly all flu cases have been influenza A, and of those they were able to test in detail, most were the H1N1 virus subtype.

Getting a flu shot should be at the top of the list for those at high risk for flu, including the elderly and people with heart disease or lung disease and pregnant women. "Getting the flu vaccine is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from getting influenza".

Save a life with the flu vaccine. While the B version can make you as sick as A, it can't spread as quickly.

Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with flu germs.

Robert Henry, a physician's assistant at Ambient Care in Seaford, said "the most vulnerable population is the very young, the very old, and then also persons that have like chronic medical conditions", he said.

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