McCaskill Shreds Trump's Military Deployment To Border

Refused Right to Seek Asylum, Honduran Refugees Demand Reparations for Destructive US Foreign Policy in Central America

Refused Right to Seek Asylum, Honduran Refugees Demand Reparations for Destructive US Foreign Policy in Central America

It's undeniable that Pelosi and Schumer initiated the aggressive exchanges, that they personally insulted Trump and were rude and condescending to him, that they openly objected to transparency, and that they misrepresented their own position on border security.

The agency's Snopes-style, media fact-check blog came as President Donald Trump faces criticism for falsely claiming wall construction has already begun, despite the fact that his administration has yet to secure necessary funding for the project.

There will be no additional appropriations to pay for the border wall. Like Pelosi, Schumer said they should "debate in private", while Pelosi was insultingly mumbling, "We have taken this conversation to a place that is devoid, frankly, of fact".

Pelosi, who is likely to become House speaker in January, also pointed out that Congress has yet to ratify Trump's new trade deal.

"FACT: Prior to President Trump taking office, we have never built wall that high", the author added. "But maybe he doesn't understand how a trade agreement works for him to say such a thing".

"There are areas that you would want to secure with a wall, and if you look at the areas where you have secured them with walls, $5 billion isn't going to build a wall like the Great Wall of China, this is going to build secure fences", he said.

"At the end of the day, the American taxpayer is still paying for it", he said.

Russian Aviation Visit to Venezuela Unleashes Paranoia On the Right
He sent two Tu-160 bombers, along with an Antonov An-124 military transport aircraft and an Ilyushin II-62 long-haul plane. Duque accused Venezuela of using the arrival of two Russian long-range bombers in Caracas as "provocative tools".

Hogan Gidley, a White House spokesman, said Wednesday that Trump has been briefed on the Strasbourg attack.

The funding for agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, the Justice Department and the State Department runs out on December 21, days before Christmas.

But Trump has still not responded to the two options the Democratic leaders provided him for keeping all agencies of the government open beyond December 21.

The second option they have said they'd agree to is a CR for all seven bills lasting through September 30. "Chuck and Nancy must give us the votes to get additional Border Security!"

If the impasse remains and there is a partial shutdown because of a funding lapse on December 21, Pelosi said there's no doubt it will be the president's fault after his comments Tuesday. We are not replacing short, outdated and ineffective wall with similar wall.

Mexican President said the border wall was not discussed on a phone call with the U.S leader on Wednesday.

"Nothing is going to change in that regard", she said.

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