Electronics Failure Grounds German Chancellor Merkel's A340 En Route to G20

German Chancellor's plane makes emergency landing in Cologne

German Chancellor's plane makes emergency landing in Cologne

Germany's air force on Friday was investigating a serious technical mishap on Chancellor Angela Merkel's plane that forced an emergency landing and delayed her arrival at the G20 summit by more than 12 hours.

Merkel was told of the need to turn around Thursday night while she was holding a background briefing for journalists accompanying her to Buenos Aires.

In Argentina on Friday, Merkel had been scheduled to meet with President Donald Trump, Chinese leader Xi Jinping, as well as their Argentine host, President Mauricio Macri.

Her office says Mrs Merkel and delegates made a safe, but unscheduled, landing in Cologne after the aircraft developed a technical problem.

There were few early signs of trouble on board the flight, aside from a frozen video screen that would normally show the progress of the flight.

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Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen was informed about the incident immediately, and tried for hours to organise an alternate aircraft to carry Merkel and her entourage.

According to the German daily Bild, the aircraft experienced problems with its radio equipment, but the pilot said there had been no safety risks.

Later, the delegation traveled by bus to a hotel in Bonn. Putin warmly welcomed the chancellor, invited her to breakfast and asked about Merkel's further plans within the summit.

Merkel has had to reschedule some meetings due to the delay.

Government sources said Merkel had planned bilateral meetings in Buenos Aires with the presidents of the United States, China, Russia and India. They said the issue involved damage caused by rodents.

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