Google Fi Will Change The Mobile Phone Business

Google’s Renowned Project Fi Wireless Service Is Finally Coming to iPhone

Google’s Renowned Project Fi Wireless Service Is Finally Coming to iPhone

Since its inception, Fi has only been compatible with specific phones, all of which ran Android. Crucially, the service is now (mostly) compatible with iPhones, and to celebrate the change, Google is rebranding the service to just Google Fi.

Now, the service will be officially supported on just about any mainstream Android phone or iPhone from the last couple years.

On Wednesday, however, Google announced that it's opening up the service to more phones - including Apple (AAPL) iPhones running iOS - and renaming the service Google Fi.

Google Fi is described as "a bill that's fair and flexible" on its official website, and that's true if you compare it to other U.S. carriers with purposely confusing plans and a long list of "incentives" with fine print.

It's easy to cancel Fi should you grow exhausted of it, you only pay for the data you use, and the service's automatic network switching feature allows you to get the best coverage no matter where you are.

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"No matter what phone you use with Fi, you'll get great Fi features-like reliable coverage, easy group plans, and high-speed global data coverage for the same rates you pay at home", said Simon Arscott, Director of Project Fi, in a company blog post.

Cellular switching Google Fi users have the luxury to automatically move to the fastest network available whether it's 4G LTE, 3G or 2G.

Google Fi moving onto new, even more popular phones, is a big step for fairer cell phone plans in the US.

The service besides ensuring smooth transitioning among multiple networks also securely connects the users to the available public Wi-Fi networks. Data costs $10 per each GB that you use, but once you hit 6GB (or more if you're on a family plan), Bill Protection kicks in and you aren't charged for additional data use until your next bill.

While local carriers have made plans easier to compare, particularly now as more and more people are using data-centric services rather than traditional calls and text, the importance of affordable data charges is critical. Google spoiled this a bit by sending out "Google Fi" flyers (complete with the new logo) with some Pixel 3 purchases earlier this month, but now it's official. Those phones can automatically switch between T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular networks depending on which has the best signal, whereas The Verge reports that other phones appear to be sticking with T-Mobile only. If you're a new subscriber and bring your current phone to Fi, you'll receive $200 off via billing credit. Then you'll need a phone that's officially created to support Fi. For full experience, you need to use a phone designed for Fi-like the Pixel 3, Moto G6, and others.

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