Meet 'Knickers'... Australia's largest cow happily saved from the slaughterhouse

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7 News Australia

"Knickers" is a Holstein-Friesian steer, which is a dairy breed of cattle.

Earlier this week, pictures of the animal towering over other cows went viral on Twitter but Pearson, who does not use social media, was initially unaware of the attention surrounding Knickers.

In case you haven't caught up, the seven-year-old Holstein Friesian is unofficially Australia's biggest steer, standing 194cm tall and weighing 1.4 tonnes.

At 6-foot-4, the cow, named Knickers, is nearly as tall as basketball legend Michael Jordan, who stood at 6-foot-6. That makes him heavier than some cars and taller than some National Basketball Association players. "Damn that is one huge cow".

Knickers the steer is too big to be made into burgers, so he's getting to live out his days on the farm instead.

His unusual name comes from his pairing with a long-departed Brahman steer named Bra - giving the farm a "full set of underwear".

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Owner Geoff Pearson, from Lake Preston in Western Australia's south-west, said Knickers' size is what saved him from the abattoir.

Meet Knickers, who is believed to be Australia's biggest cow.

"He was still a standout so we thought let's leave him there, he's not hurting anyone", Pearson said, according to BBC.

"Yeah, look, we run a reasonable cattle operation", he said.

Knickers the steer is a bit on the shy side, but the bovine behemoth tends to stick out from the herd. But both he and Knickers are smaller than Italian chianina ox Bellino who has reached 6 feet 7 inches.

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