Files by Google: Android’s file browser, at long last

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The takeaway for Google and Android app developers is simple: Use more black and darker colors.

Background: Dark Mode has been a favorite of many Android enthusiasts, not just because it is darker and saves battery life, but it also looks better.

Google has released Dark Mode for apps such as YouTube, Messages, Google News, and Phone, and we can expect it to arrive for more apps in the future. The easiest way to explain why there is such a big difference is that with dark mode, especially all black modes, there are less pixels that need to be lit.

Brightness affects power usage, and battery life, in a mostly linear fashion. The same has been showcased by Google in its Android Dev Summit this week via slides that compared the power drawn with many different color backgrounds.

AMOLED displays do not require the use of a backlight, unlike LCD panels. This option basically changes the overall colour theme of an app or an operating system to black.

It is worth noting that Google has gradually white colour-themed Material design to nearly all of its major services including YouTube, Google Assistant and Chrome browser.

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It would be also interesting to see if Google adopts a system-wide dark theme for Android as well, similar to how OnePlus and Huawei are doing on their smartphones.

What's interesting is the comparison between the original Pixel, which uses an OLED screen, and the LCD-sporting iPhone 7.

Google has nibbled around the edges of dark mode for years, which has to be one of the most requested features of the OS among users. Nevertheless, the benefits of dark mode are now officially endorsed by Google, one of the most influential tech companies in the world. "We've noticed that people across the globe are using it, no matter what type of mobile phone they have or how fast their internet connection is".

The new API gives developers two new ways to update the apps: flexible and immediate. Well, hearing this report is a good news for most of us.

Axing the word "Go", this app is now called Files by Google.

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