Google to make deleting search history easier for users

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Google eye

That said, in addition to making it easier to manage Search data, Google is also providing quick access to privacy controls in Google Account that are relevant to Search.

Google added a link to the data management options on its main Google Search page but Google customers may open the link directly as well if they prefer to go there directly. It's rolling out today on Search for desktop and mobile web, with a Google App launch for iOS and Android happening at some point in the next few weeks. Google is also planning to expand these same changes to Google Maps and other products next year.

This is why Google is bringing new changes that will let you review and delete recent search history within Google search itself. Now, the procedure has become easy and convenient.

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Previously, you needed to visit your Google Account in Settings on Android phones or on the web on iOS, tap Manage your data & personalization and then My Activity to see your search results. Users can now control the ads they see when they search in Ad Settings. You could always hunt through your Google Account page to locate your search history activity stream, but now, Google is simplifying that process.

If you've ever gotten discouraged trying to find exactly where in Google's menus to view and edit your search history, Google hears you. Google has been reeling under pressure over a Google+ privacy flaw that left hundreds of thousands of users exposed to hacking. Furthermore, you can also decide what information Google stores about from the Google Accounts menu. The Associated Press released an issue back in August, talking about how Google still stored time-stamped location data even if the user chose for this to not happen.

The new controls seem to be in response to a growing trend with tech companies being pulled up on issues of privacy. If the user in not comfortable sharing it with Google as well, these now easily accessible controls can be used to turn of sharing activity, search history, and more, easily.

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