Triumphant Trump tweets his support for a Kavanagh victory

Kavanaugh set to be confirmed concluding a fierce deeply bitter Supreme Court fight

Kavanaugh set to be confirmed concluding a fierce deeply bitter Supreme Court fight

Christine Blasey Ford closes her eyes as she is sworn in before testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh on Capitol Hill on September 27.

In the procedural vote Friday that handed Republicans their crucial initial victory, senators voted 51-49 to limit debate, defeating Democratic efforts to scuttle the nomination with endless delays.

But the Kavanaugh spectacle, fueled by extraordinary accusations and counter-claims in nationally televised hearings, and tense battles over an 11th-hour FBI investigation to address the assault allegations, has inflamed political passions. But other accusations and rumors were circling as voting was delayed for an additional FBI investigation.

During his confirmation hearing, Kavanaugh tried to dispel fears that he would rule on a partisan basis, arguing that "a good judge must be an umpire - a neutral and impartial arbiter who favors no litigant or policy".

On September 28, the Senate Judiciary Committee met to vote on Kavanaugh's nomination.

Kavanaugh's nomination seals a conservative majority on the nine-seat high court, possibly for decades to come. Protesters have gathered there too to continue the demonstrations.

"This has all really helped me, No. 1, unify my conference, and No. 2, underscore the significance of the Senate", the Kentucky Republican said.

So what were the numbers in the Senate?

"Republicans are the party of law and order and justice". The two-vote margin made it the closest confirmation vote since 1881. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., and Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, were key undecided senators who were closely watched for how they would vote. One Republican, Steve Daines of Montana, did not vote because he was not present for family reasons.

What was said in the Senate? She then voted to advance Kavanaugh's nomination and has said that she will vote yes on Kavanaugh' during the full Senate's confirmation vote on Saturday.

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But the report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation was met with mixed response, with survivors and Democrats saying it was "insufficient", but Mr Trump and Republicans calling it "thorough" and "professional". "It is ridiculous to say she wouldn't remember who it was".

"We still have in this country certain fundamental principles, due process, fairness, a presumption of innocence", she said. Still, Collins said, the allegations "fail to meet the "more likely than not" standard", and "I do not believe that these charges can fairly prevent Judge Kavanaugh from serving on the court".

He spoke of "intimidation by the mob" and said the Senate vote should be one "to turn away from darkness".

Joe Manchin is facing a hard re-election campaign in West Virginia, a traditionally Republican state that Mr Trump won by a landslide. Kavanaugh is expected to be a more consistent conservative and cement a five-justice conservative majority.

There were shouts of "shame" from the public gallery as he voted yes.

"Democrats have been trying to destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh since the very first second he was announced", Trump declared as he rallied voters in Minnesota on Thursday night.

Donald Trump's court pick generated a controversy that captured the nation's attention in a way that few political issues do.

His ascent to the Supreme Court was thrown into doubt last week after university research psychologist Christine Blasey Ford testified that he had sexually assaulted her at a Washington area gathering in the early 1980s. On air, Fox News' Chris Wallace shared that his daughters told him "stories that I had never heard before about things that happened to them in high school".

Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch, seen as solidly conservative, to the court shortly after he took office in January 2017.

The bitter fight over Kavanaugh now moves into the epicenter of the campaign for the midterm elections in November. This media house does not correct any spelling or grammatical error within press releases and commentaries. Mr Trump will be able to campaign on the back of an important victory, but commentators will be watching closely how the Kavanaugh affair affects women voters. The views expressed therein are not necessarily those of, its sponsors or advertisers.

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