This is how Tom Hardy felt about playing Venom

Tom Hardy steps into the shoes of Amrish Puri as Mogambo and we can’t keep calm

Tom Hardy steps into the shoes of Amrish Puri as Mogambo and we can’t keep calm

IGN's Tom Horrorgensen said: "Sorry to say that #Venom is pretty much a complete failure - a tonal mess that feels 15 years old, ignoring the storytelling strides that the superhero genre has made in recent years".

Thanks to some arcane and draconic rights arrangements between Marvel, Disney, Sony, and Fox, Sony has the rights to some 900 Marvel characters, the most prominent of those being Spider-Man and a broad spectrum of his enemies and allies.

"A significant problem in a film full of them is that Eddie comes off as a dope, an eager dufus hardly convincing as a boundary-pushing journo or someone who can out-think a titan of technology".

Ahmed: Sometimes. Well, if they didn't make it into the film, probably. they weren't any good, bro, alright?

Sony needed Venom to do two things: to establish that, yes, it has the rights to over 800 characters in the Marvel Universe at its disposal, and to prove that it could do something with those characters without needing Tom Holland to don the red suit.

The anticipation for Venom has been lukewarm, mostly because the trailers painted quite an odd movie that felt like it came out of a time capsule that was lost in 2004.

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Scott Mendelson of Forbes posted: "Tom Hardy's performance in #Venom is either Johnny Depp in the first PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN or Chris Klein in STREET FIGHTER: THE LEGEND OF CHUN-LI".

The British-born Hardy has starred in movies including "Inception", "Dunkirk" and "Mad Max: Fury Road".

Venom opens in outer space as we follow the crash landing of John Jameson's ill-fated space vessel. All the while, Dr. Carter Drake (Riz Ahmed) is conducting experiments that make the symbiote all the more unsafe.

Brock becomes infected by a symbiote - an alien parasite - and becomes Venom. The biggest thing to note is how Brock and Venom fuse. They are loud, really loud, but offer no genuine spectacle. Modern superhero movies have gotten really good at telling emotional stories about their leads, you're interested and invested because you care about them. Director Ruben Fleischer is there as a director to help shepherd the vision to completion.

The film is set to release on Friday. And as somebody who has read a lot of Marvel comics, not just Venom, he's very specific about what needs to be done.

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