Loki May Be Getting His Own TV Show Sooner Than You Think

Loki Scarlet Witch

Loki Scarlet Witch

While the company hasn't released much information about its plans, it has said it hopes to launch a streaming service in late 2019.

Disney hopes for its streaming service to rival Netflix and Amazon, and is pouring big money into it.

In a very interesting move for Disney's upcoming streaming service, it's been revealed that Loki, Scarlet Witch and other Marvel Characters are getting their own TV series on the platform.

According to Variety, each potential MCU TV show will feature six-to-eight episodes, with a budget that rivals "major studio productions".

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Marvel is set to produce the shows with Kevin Feige, who its reported will have a "hands-on role" in development. Add in the fact that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is about to air its final season and Inhumans was D.O.A., and the writing seems to be on the wall. The best part about the new shows is that Disney wants to keep the same actors involved, which means MCU stars will be making their way to televisions across the world. A few select characters that are popular within the Marvel Cinematic Universeare expected to get their own shows, though it hasn't been confirmed who is on the roster quite yet.

Storylines for each series are still being teased out, but Disney appears to be holding back some significant fire power for the big screen.

Good news for anyone anxious that Infinity War - spoiler alert for the three people and Clarence the movie-shy badger who hasn't seen the movie yet - might mean the true end of Loki, or who thought Scarlet Witch didn't have enough to do. The reluctant hero and sometimes villain has always been one of the most fun characters to watch because of his constant changes in allegiance and unpredictability and should make for some compelling stories in his own TV show.

Journey into Mystery (Gillen/Braithwaite) - while it focuses on Kid Loki, I'm sure there's some way, shape, or form you could shoehorn Hiddleston as a regular presence in the series, partnering him with a young version of himself on an epic quest through the various corners of Marvel's mythological pantheon. Let us know in the comment section below!

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