IOS 12: Do Not Disturb and Notifications get major overhauls

Apple iOS 12 update: How to download

Apple iOS 12 update: How to download

May your downloads be quick and your backups be recent. Headlining the Messages party are "Memoji", which are custom animoji you can create to look just like you, with whatever hairstyle, eye color, and facial features you want.

Apple hasn't detailed the exact security contents, but we expect the iOS 12 update to carry several important security patches that tackle potential exploits. And if you use two-factor authentication-which you should-iOS 12 will even auto-fill two-factor authentication codes that come in as text messages, saving you the hassle. You can check out some of the changes here and a full official changelog here. If you come across any bugs, use the built-in Feedback Assistant app to report them.

Leading the pack is improved performance management that provides a snappier experience, directly addressing the revelation a year ago that Apple had been intentionally slowing down older devices. 3D obect detection is going to make AR experiences really insane on iOS 12, as developers will be able to leverage objects in the real world and turn them into cool AR experiences. A feature called Screen Time will show you how much you've used your apps today and let you set up App Limits if you feel that you need more control over your app usage.

But if you've been on the iOS 12 beta program for the last few months, the update to iOS 12 for the general population brings a rare opportunity to downgrade easily.

However, like many, you won't see it on your device by default - only the shortcuts feature is part of the operating system (OS), which starts to give you proactive suggestions for actions to take, as well as introduces the Add to Siri button in apps to let you create your own trigger phrases for that app's action.

Once you've downloaded and installed the new software, check out our guide to the 15 best features iOS 12 has to offer. You can also install it through iTunes, but we recommend the over-the-air update instead due to Apple's waning interest in iTunes.

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Traditionally, Apple releases major software updates around 10 AM PT.

Apple has released iOS 12 and watchOS 5 to the public. Additionally, each app scored a handful of new features and improvements, many of which are available across all three apps, while others are app-specific, such as animated drawings in Pages and Smart Categories in Numbers. You can also access the DND schedule setting from here.

iOS 12 is compatible on iPhone 5s and above as well as iPad Air and newer.

Siri gets some love in the new release as well with the introduction of Siri Shortcuts, a feature that is claimed to allow any app to work with Siri. The new capabilities may not be game-changing unless you're looking forward to Walkie-Talkie conversations with a friend or family member or if you regularly forget to start the Workout app before going for a run-the auto-start capability is welcome. It's a 340 MB update on my Apple Watch Series 2. Obviously, the new capabilities will be useful for a fragment of the iPhone's userbase, but it's possible that we'll see more functions added to power reserve in the future. In fact, your Apple Watch may even suggest an overnight installation.

In Settings Do Not Disturb there is a new option called Bedtime just below where you set the scheduled DND time.

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