Dele Alli: 'I don't think we lost any momentum against Belgium'

GETTYWho will England play in the last-16 of the World Cup

GETTYWho will England play in the last-16 of the World Cup

Unfortunately for him, he doesn't get to take the penalties he may draw later in the tournament. "Bryan didn't ask for details", Southgate later recalled.

"I'm ready for everything, whether it is a penalty, a set-piece or anything".

Rashford, though, says that he and his team-mates have been practising, with previous England teams crashing out of the World Cup on penalties in 1998 and 2006. "It's Southgate, the inexperienced lad", was how it felt at the time, nerves mangled. It is a match where we both have the same chances to continue in this World Cup.

Since they last won one in a major tournament (against Spain at Euro 1996), England have lost six.

I've always said we've had a chance but at the moment I can't see past Brazil.

"I think the World Cup is the highest level", he said. It is probably braver not to, if you are not confident.

"Maybe the teams who aren't here weren't as strong this time. He is an important fit for the way we play".

While some of Her Majesty's Press are showing the first signs of turning on Southgate, recognising the folly of choosing to play the more hard opponent in a knockout tie, there is still much euphoria and good feeling. Dele Alli attends a training session. Generally that's a sign of a team getting into great positions for unsafe opportunities.

England already have their five designated penalty-takers drawn up and the back-up options.

"There have been occasions where you even tell the goalkeepers which way you're going so it has to be the ideal penalty", Rashford said. And that is why he will demand they play without fear and inhibition on Tuesday. "I can't speak highly enough of his character around the group", he said. We've been trying to own the situation, not let it own us.

England clobbers Panama with 6-1 win
After his hat-trick, the England captain now leads the running for the tournament's Golden Boot for the highest scorer, with five. It is so valuable to have a threat like that and it has left teams fearing us whenever we stand over a dead ball near their area.

"Ten months ago we qualified and people were throwing paper aeroplanes on to the pitch at Wembley". The margins are fine in the knockout phases.

This is not something Southgate has just started thinking about.

Statistics suggest that players have an 89 percent chance of scoring if the team's last two shootouts have been successful.

That is an aspect of the game that the England manager's tactics requires given his use of three forward-looking midfielders.

"Definitely, it's not about luck".

Southgate hopes his team will be able to express themselves even more now they are through to the second round. There are individual things you can work on within that.

"We're not really fussed what side we got chosen on. It's changed the whole mindset for us".

"My father's generation and those before them would view that differently", said the England coach, who is building a reputation for smart and thoughtful handling of his players. With some, we shouldn't be interfering. "We believe we can do that".

Southgate, after all, knows how devastating it can be to lose this way. A huge night for you all and the yourself proud.

"I know goalkeepers practice them a lot".

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