#PermitPatty Says She's Receiving Death Threats Since Viral Video

Another Twitter user posted this idea a water bottle with'Permit Patty's face on

Another Twitter user posted this idea a water bottle with'Permit Patty's face on

There has been a growing backlash online against Ettel, who is white, who allegedly called police on the little girl, who is black, since Jordan's mother, Erin Austin, intervened and recorded the interaction on video.

In the viral video, the girl's older cousin can be seen following Ettel, who was walking away while talking on the phone. Jordan was selling water bottles outside the family's apartment building - directly across from AT&T Stadium - in hopes of catching thirsty San Francisco Giants fans.

Ettel founded a company called Treat Well, which says it "provide [s] the highest quality cannabis products for both people and animals" because of "the need for high quality, consistency and easy titration in cannabis-infused products".

San Francisco Police has not responded to NBC Bay Area's request for comment.

Ettel did say that she used a stern voice when she approached the child about selling the water without a permit.

But, although Pearl believes the apology is genuine, "she still did it", and Ettel's tears can not reverse her behavior in Pearl's opinion.

"It was literally nonstop".

Ettel later told the San Francisco Chronicle that she only pretended to call police, and that Jordan and her mother were being noisy, which disturbed her as she was trying to work. "Thank you for teaching her all people aren't so shitty".

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Austin's cousin, Raje Lee, who posted about the incident on Twitter said her cousin was gifted four tickets to Disneyland by a man who heard about the story.

"As soon as I saw it, I put the word out to staff to pull it off the shelf immediately and let her know we weren't doing business with her any more", Jesse Henry, Barbary's executive director, told the Guardian.

The young girl can be seen in a second video shared selling bottles of water from a cool box. "That wasn't it. I just wanted them to be quiet or move to a corner". She left her office windows opened and was bothered by the constant screaming of "come and buy my water".

"This is my son selling water right at the same place of the poor little 8-year-old and nobody stopped him", said Cassindy Chow, whose son sells water without a permit.

Austin wrote on Instagram that a woman called the police on her daughter for selling water outside their apartment.

Several people online have compared Ettel to the white woman who called police on a black family using a charcoal grill during a barbecue. "We would love to donate to an organization that provides opportunities to young women of color interested in becoming entrepreneurs".

The video shows the mother confronting the woman while she's on the phone.

Austin denied the woman's claims that she or her daughter were being loud.

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