Pizza company asking for town nominations for pot hole repairs

Domino's Pizza fixing potholes

Domino's Pizza fixing potholes

Why don't you order a few pizzas and see if the problem gets magically fixed.

- Domino's Pizza is saving pizza, one pothole at a time.

The average amount a metro Detroit motorist spends on maintenance linked to poor road conditions is $865, Crain's reported this winter.

The Michigan-based pizza franchiser announced Monday that it has begun to help pay for road repairs in four municipalities and would consider offering similar assistance to others based on nominations from customers. This isn't an example of a country failing to provide basic upkeep to its citizens-nope not at all.

It also shows how Domino's has worked in the past to help towns fix their roads.

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The world's largest pizza company said potholes can cause "irreversible damage" to your pizza during delivery and they're hoping to drum up business with customers while saving pizza from bad roads around the country.

Potholes are causing massive pizza disruption problems in the United States of America, so Domino's has chose to do something about it. It probably helped the residents of Bartonville to buy more Domino's too, so it sounds like a win-win.

Pizza juggernaut Domino's wants to fill potholes in the road like it fills your empty stomach.

Potholes cost about $3 billion a year to drivers, and the American Society of Civil Engineers believes it would cost $2.7 trillion to fix entirely. In Burbank, California, they fixed just five, funding five workers to work for eight hours.

Customers interested in nominating their hometown for a paving grant from Domino's can enter their zip code on the website.

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