Trump's China tariffs could be imposed in June

China has approved 13 Ivanka Trump trademarks in the last three months and granted provisional approval for eight more

China has approved 13 Ivanka Trump trademarks in the last three months and granted provisional approval for eight more

Either way, repeated changes to the U.S. strategy on China may only bog down talks with Beijing moving forward, Reinsch said. The new rules will prevent Chinese companies from investing in and getting access to technology developed in the U.S. that could be copied and used by Chinese firms or the Chinese government.

Washington postponed its tariff threat in mid-May after Beijing promised to significantly increase its purchases of USA farm goods and energy products, such as natural gas. China said the claims were unproven and sometimes speculative. In 2017, China shipped about $13.7 billion in furniture to the U.S, which was flat from the year before.

"Whatever measures the U.S. takes, China has the confidence, capability and experience to defend the interests of Chinese people and the core interests of the country", it said.

The tariffs being mooted are part of a Section 301 investigation by the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) into unfair Chinese technology and intellectual property policies and practices.

"Bilateral relations between China and the U.S. have become an increasing concern to United States businesses in China", AmCham said in its annual American Business in China white paper.

When the deal was announced, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said tariffs on Chinese goods were "on hold".

In a brief statement, the White House said President Donald Trump is planning "multiple steps" to protect domestic technology and intellectual property from certain "discriminatory and burdensome trade practices by China".

"As President Trump said we lost the trade war long ago..."

The White House said the restrictions followed a seven-month USA investigation into China's handling of data and intellectual property, which wrapped up in late March.

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"I wouldn't say we are in favor of, specifically, export controls, investment restrictions", Zarit said at a news conference.

"Trump is going on offense, reverting to his earlier instincts on China and re-empowering the trade hawks in his Cabinet", Eurasia Group said.

The announcement moves the ball forward in the ongoing Section 301 investigation of Chinese trade practices launched past year. This list is expected to cover items included on the "Made in China 2025" program.

Noting that IP theft costs the U.S. economy over Dollars 225 billion a year, he said the greatest perpetrator is China. "If President Trump won't put our security before Chinese jobs, Congress will act on a bipartisan basis to stop him". "China is one of America's largest trading partners; their predatory behaviour is unacceptable", he said.

That deal was separate from the USA investigation into China's alleged theft of intellectual property.

"The majority of Chinese companies that steal or benefit from stolen intellectual property are state-owned".

The decision, which was announced after a state council meeting led by Premier Li Keqiang, aims to further open China's consumer market, will force its industries to upgrade and boost competitiveness, the government said in a statement.

Earlier, in the height of a trade row, the Trump administration had demanded China to reduce its $375 billion trade surplus against the by $100 billion while China retaliated with similar measures imports from the US.

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