Here are all the people Trump has pardoned so far

Trump pardons Dinesh D’Souza, conservative agitator who pleaded guilty to campaign finance fraud

Trump pardons Dinesh D’Souza, conservative agitator who pleaded guilty to campaign finance fraud

Conservative provocateur Dinesh D'Souza appeared on Fox & Friends today to continue his celebrations after President Trump pardoned him yesterday for his criminal violations of campaign finance law. "I think to a certain extent Martha Stewart was harshly and unfairly treated", he said.

Two years later, he was convicted on multiple charges of corruption, including attempting to "sell" the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama when he became president.

D'Souza has nettled the left with films such as "Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party" and "2016: Obama's America".

D'Souza said there isn't a single case of someone being indicted or being incarcerated for the violations he committed. He was forced to resign after the college discovered he was engaged to a woman while still married to another. D'Souza eventually discarded his more classically liberal conservatism for a caustic and conspiratorial strain of rhetoric. In March 2012, D'Souza gave $10,000 on behalf of himself and his wife.

D'Souza is 57 years old, married to Deborah Fancher and has one child.

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Bharara earlier said on Twitter: "The President has the right to pardon but the facts are these: D'Souza intentionally broke the law, voluntarily pled guilty, apologized for his conduct & the judge found no unfairness". He was initially sentenced to five-years probation, including eight months of living in a half-way home and a hefty $30,000 fine.

Mr. D'Souza, who has written several books, thanked Mr. Trump for the pardon.

What crimes did Dinesh D'Souza commit? Using the hashtag #pardondinesh, D'Souza and other conservative activists pressed the White House to grant clemency. Ted Cruz of Texas tweeted that "Dinesh was the subject of a political prosecution, brazenly targeted by the Obama administration [because] of his political views".

"Instead, it looks like the president is abusing his pardon power, either for sheer political reasons, or to send a message to people under investigation, or because the defendant happened to have high name identification", he said. And yet D'Souza is such a contemptible, easily mocked human being that it's hard not to laugh at the constant and well-deserved dunkings that he's always on the wrong end of. Trump's Justice Department urged the court to reject the appeal.

Other pardons could be on the way. "The framers introduced the separation of powers that we have in our Constitution and they designed the pardon power as a check on the legislative and judicial authorities". But the president is not bound by those rules. One of the reasons this is forbidden is because there are maximum amounts that individuals are allowed to contribute to political campaigns, and this is meant to prevent people from getting around that restriction by using others as proxies.

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