Irish PM hails a 'quiet revolution' after landslide referendum on abortion

Demonstrators take part in a protest to urge the Irish to repeal the 8th amendment to the constitution relating to woman

Demonstrators take part in a protest to urge the Irish to repeal the 8th amendment to the constitution relating to woman

Now, the parents of 31-year-old Indian dentist Savita Praveen Halappanavar, who died of sepsis in Ireland after being denied an abortion during a miscarriage in 2012, have spoken, a day after the country voted by a landslide to repeal its abortion laws.

The campaign was defined by women publicly sharing their painful experiences of going overseas for procedures, a key reason why all but one of Ireland's 40 constituencies voted "Yes".

One poll by national broadcaster RTE suggested around 70 per cent of the electorate have voted to end the country's all but blanket ban on terminations, with another, by The Irish Times, recording 68 per cent in favour of ditching the prohibition.

"People from the" Yes" campaign react as the results of the votes begin to come in, after the Irish referendum on the 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution at the RDS count centre, in Dublin, Ireland, on May 26, 2018.

A big crowd of autonomy loving voters going mad for a good boy is honestly the best mob content we've seen.

"As this is a devolved issue, if an amendment is not accepted by the Speaker, then there should at very least be a referendum in Northern Ireland on this issue", she added.

"We have always opposed "abortion on demand" but have recognised that exceptional cases such as rape, incest and fatal foetal abnormalities may give rise to termination, and we would wish to see these provided for in the new legislation".

"What happened to her will not happen to any other family".

The Republic of Ireland voted on Friday to repeal part of its constitution that effectively outlawed abortion.

"Pushing the country forward in any way we could was a worthwhile cause", said Stephen Purcell, an Ireland native who now lives in Boston. "A quiet revolution has taken place, a great act of democracy".

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Mrs Halappanavar's death caused worldwide controversy and sparked a campaign to have Ireland's abortion law liberalised.

'After this phenomenal vote to remove the Eighth Amendment we now need to move very quickly to introducing and progressing the legislation, ' Ms O'Connor said.

In Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May faces a showdown with ministers and lawmakers in her Conservative party after refusing to back reform of highly restrictive abortion laws in the British province of Northern Ireland which has a 500 km (312 mile) land border with Ireland.

Dr Martin said that following Friday's referendum the Irish Church must renew its commitment to support life but that it is called to be pro-life not just in words, statements and manifestoes but in deeds that reflect Jesus' loving care for human life at any stage.

It's important to note this distinction from other countries' abortion laws.

In a message to the DUP, she said the people of Northern Ireland "consistently support change" in the abortion law and it was "time to put them, not power in Westminster, first".

After 12 weeks abortions will be allowed in certain circumstances, such as if there is a risk to the women's life or serious risk to her health, and two doctors are asked if a termination can be permitted.

Since 1983, around 170,000 Irish women have gone overseas for terminations.

May's statement didn't mention Northern Ireland, where restrictions on abortion remain.

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