Amazon Go targets Chicago, San Francisco for new stores

Cashier-less store coming to Illinois

Cashier-less store coming to Illinois

When it comes to technological advancements, nothing can beat Amazon.

The company is expanding its experimental Amazon Go store to the two U.S. cities, but did not say when they would open. The retailer confirmed the news after recently putting up an ad seeking for store managers for outlets in both cities.

Amazon is opening its first Amazon Go stores outside of Seattle, with cashierless store locations slated for Chicago and San Francisco. However, this issue has largely been eliminated just a few weeks after the grand opening of the original Amazon Go store. This time, it'll be to mock the company for understanding so little about the context in which their poll is released.

Amazon Go is the online retail pioneer's attempt to reinvent the physical store with the same mindset that brought one-click shopping to the internet. It featured what's known as "Just Walk Out" technology, which allows customers to take items off of the shelves and be charged for the items they leave the store with while bypassing any checkout procedures.

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Cameras and sensors track what the customers grab off the shelves and charge them after they leave.

We all know Amazon's grocery business.

The 11 key-factors they looked at include restaurants participating in Prime Now, Amazon bookstores, free two-hour Whole Food delivery and Amazon Lockers. Amazon Go's systems automatically debit their accounts for the items they take, sending the receipt to the app.

In January, Amazon opened its first Amazon Go store in Seattle near Amazon's headquarters after a year of testing on its employees.

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