Israel welcomes U.S. delegation ahead of Jerusalem embassy move

WATCH: US Delegation For Embassy Opening, Led By Ivanka Trump Arrives In Israel

WATCH: US Delegation For Embassy Opening, Led By Ivanka Trump Arrives In Israel

While Trump, who vowed to move the embassy from Tel Aviv during his campaign, isn't attending, he'll address invitees to the designation ceremony via video conference, according to two USA officials.

President Trump's decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem affirms a great and simple truth: Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people for the past three thousand years.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas cut ties with the Trump administration and declared it unfit to remain in its role as the sole mediator in peace talks. It annexed East Jerusalem shortly later, claiming it part of its "indivisible capital", in a move which was not recognized internationally.

Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, both White House advisers, arrived in the country a day ahead of a ceremony to open the embassy.

One of President Donald Trump's most contentious foreign policy projects, the inauguration of a USA embassy in Jerusalem, is set to be carried out on Monday even as peace in the Middle East seems more elusive than ever.

Israel seized East Jerusalem, together with the rest of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, in the 1967 Middle East war.

Jerusalem, which is sacred to Jews, Muslims and Christians, was decorated with roadside flowerbeds in the design of the United States flag and posters reading "Trump make Israel great again". "The United States government has taken a number of actions to ensure that not only our governmental interests but the American people in that region are secure as well, and we're comfortable we've taken action that reduces that risk", said the top USA diplomat.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - bolstered in recent days by Trump's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal - opened a special cabinet meeting at Jerusalem's Bible Lands Museum by again lauding the embassy move. But al-Hroub says the moving of the embassy by itself is not an earth-shaking event.

Washington's ambassador to Israel also said that there is still hope for peace in the region. Fifty-four Palestinians have been killed in protests and clashes since March 30 along the Gaza Strip's border with Israel. Organizers have indicated they may try to breach the border with Israel.

Moving the embassy is a requirement of a 1990s US law that was regularly waived by Trump's predecessors, going back to former President Bill Clinton. Most of the world maintains embassies in Tel Aviv, saying the Jerusalem issue must first be resolved.

A high-ranking delegation of Gaza's Hamas rulers headed Sunday to Egypt, amid diplomatic efforts aimed at containing Monday's mass rally.

US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan, the head of the Washington delegation, called the embassy move "a long overdue recognition of reality". "Today's move of the USA embassy gives life to a religious conflict instead of a dignified peace".

The army said it was also reinforcing its troops in the West Bank with several combat battalions and intelligence units in case of possible unrest there as well. At least, that's what the team said in a statement on Facebook. And the truth is that not only has Jerusalem been the capital of the Jewish people for millennia and the capital of our state from its inception.

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