Google announces smart compose for Gmail users

Gmail for iOS now supports sending money with Google Pay & snoozing emails

Gmail for iOS now supports sending money with Google Pay & snoozing emails

At Google's annual I/O developer conference today (May 8), the company outlined how artificial intelligence will continue to drive innovation, including some new features coming to Google products you may already be using.

Smart Compose helps Gmail write emails "quickly with confidence", as a Google blog entry puts it, by making suggestions for the rest of the sentence as you write. This feature makes Google's machine learning smarts take a crack at guessing what you're about to type - and offering to type it for you. The company is adding new Smart Actions feature in Google Photos.

It works in the background, so you just start typing an email as you normally would. Gmail users can send and request money from one of their contacts by tapping the same button they would hit to send an attachment and scrolling down the list.

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Smart Compose is more like the predictive text on your smartphone. The feature even serves up relevant contextual phrases such as "Have a great weekend!" if you're emailing someone on a Friday. For instance, say you're sending a new email to a person named "Jessica", Gmail will automatically ask if you'd like to input "Hey Jessica" at the beginning. That's it, you'll be good to go, ready to try Smart Compose as soon as its available. From there, you should see Smart Compose auto-populate your messages in the not-too-distant future. Next, enable "experimental access".

Smart Compose will appear in the next few weeks to customers who opted for the refreshed version of Gmail.

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