House chaplain seeks to withdraw resignation

The Rev. Patrick J. Conroy in 2016. Conroy was abruptly forced out as House chaplain before being reinstated this week

The Rev. Patrick J. Conroy in 2016. Conroy was abruptly forced out as House chaplain before being reinstated this week

In a brand new letter to Ryan, Conroy stated the speaker by no means spoke with him in particular person or despatched him any correspondence, however that shortly earlier than his resignation, the speaker's chief of employees got here to him and stated Ryan wished his letter of resignation.

In a statement, Ryan said his original decision was made with what he thought was in the best interest of the House, but he now decided that "a protracted fight over such an important post" would not be good for the body and so he accepted the priest's letter and decided he could remain in his position.

When Ryan, who is Catholic, asked Conroy to step down last month he explained that the priest's removal wasn't a political decision but simply because he was failing to provide "pastoral services" for the House.

In that regard, it's worth noting that Ryan is, of course, Catholic himself and the idea that he'd bow to pressure from Evangelicals who objected to a Catholic, and more specifically a Jesuit, Chaplain was in charge of the "pastoral care" of the House of Representatives. "To be clear, that call was based mostly on my obligation to make sure that the Home has the sort of pastoral providers that it deserves", he stated.

I was elected as House Chaplain on May 25, 2011 and I have honorably served in that role since that time.

Conroy mentioned top Ryan aide Jonathan Burks advised me the speaker needed his own resignation, and cited a prayer a year ago that was potentially vital of their GOP tax bill that angry many Republicans.

Ryan chief of employees Jonathan Burks stated in a press release, obtained by a reporter for The Hill, that he remembered his dialog with Conroy otherwise. Burks disputes Conroy's recollection of their talk.

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Ryan accepts Father Patrick Conroy's request to rescind his resignation letter. After delivering the prayer, Conroy later said that Ryan had told him to "stay out of politics".

A senior GOP leadership aide maintained that "there was not a specific prayer" that led to Ryan's decision to request Conroy's resignation.

This occurred when it was announced that the U.S. House of Representatives would fire its longtime chaplain, the Rev.

However, the Catholic organization remains unhappy about Ryan's handling of the incident. His letter also said he was retracting the resignation "upon advice of counsel", potentially hinting that he might take legal action depending on what happened next.

Democrats contended for weeks that Conroy's dismissal was due to a prayer he delivered previous year as lawmakers prepared to begin consideration of tax reform - irking Republicans. I have never been disciplined nor reprimanded nor I have ever ever heard a complaint about my ministry during my time as House Chaplain.

In his letter from this week, Conroy noted the apparent lack of consultation with other House members before his attempted ouster. "The feeble excuses offered by Speaker Ryan are merely a pretext to cover for the whims of extremists in his caucus".

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