Tiger cub rescued listed in good condition

Border Patrol agents find tiger cub in duffel bag

Border Patrol agents find tiger cub in duffel bag

The people turned back to flee in the direction of Mexico, but left behind a duffel bag they had been carrying.

When the officers examined the duffel bag, they were shocked to discover an unconscious male tiger stuffed inside, according to CNN.

An agency statement says the trio abandoned a bag and returned to Mexico.

Agent Robert Rodriguez said that the tiger appeared calm and was possibly sedated.

Emergency procedures were put in place to save the tiger found by Border Patrol Monday.

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The almost 4-month-old cub appeared sedated and was turned over to the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville.

The Gladys Porter Zoo has become an inadvertent collection point for tigers caught in an global smuggling ring. The zoo said the animal arrived in poor condition. "We've discovered that it knows what a bottle is, so it's obviously been hand-raised". In the messages, he talked about receiving money for exotic animals. Earlier this year, a teenager was sentenced to six months in jail after he was caught attempting to smuggle a tiger across the Mexico - United States border. The tiger was seized and is now living at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park with another tiger that has the same age.

Tiger cub behind the tree.

Yesterday's find makes it the 12th tiger confiscated by law enforcement that the zoo has cared for in the last decade.

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