Google is working on a standalone Tasks app for Android and iOS

Gmail's getting a major update on desktop and mobile

Gmail's getting a major update on desktop and mobile

First and foremost, smart reply - which rolled out on mobile past year - is finally coming to web. The feature provides short snippets of text that quickly structure the beginning of a reply. Personal users will soon start seeing the option to opt-in from the Settings menu on the top right.

Google isn't playing around with this update, and mobile users should expect updates to the UI and experience, as well.

Artificial intelligence is also used to manage subscription lists. What that means is that the email can be revoked at the expiration of a set date.

Lastly, Gmail can now smartly recommend when to unsubscribe from mailing lists. Most of the background area is white unless of course, the user shifts to a different theme.

Native offline mode: Google has added a native offline mode to Gmail-making it easier for frequent business travelers to always have access to their mailbox. After search, Gmail is the second most popular product or service produced by Google.

As most companies are doing these days, Google is looking to help differentiate its product with advanced security features to help protect your corporate data. More than half of my friends and colleagues who are Gmail users still use the same Gmail version that was released in 2011. The email service was launched in 2007; a second version came out in 2011.

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Finally, Gmail for web will now support a new offline capability that will allow users to work without interruption even when a WiFi connection times out or is not available. And because Tasks closely integrates with G Suite, you can simply drag and drop an email from Gmail into Tasks to create a to-do.

But the mere presence of the Tasks app is a move in the right direction to create a more coherent and directed office app strategy. Additionally, Gmail will now warn you when a suspected spam message comes through, just like your Pixel phone does with calls.

"You receive a request for an action that you don't want to do until Friday or next Monday", said Izatt. Your inbox will also become less cluttered thanks to unsubscription suggestions for newsletters and offers you haven't opened any messages from in the last month. You can revert to the old style the same way.

Bank said testers have advanced from "neutral to positive to very positive" on the new look. This way, users can keep their inbox clean and organized without missing important conversations they might not have time to address.

Gmail is getting its first major update since 2011, with tools aimed at businesses to help them keep hush-hush information secure.

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