Comey: Kelly Called Trump "Dishonorable" for Firing Me

HANNITY: Comey is Ready to 'CASH IN' on His Anti-Trump Rage

HANNITY: Comey is Ready to 'CASH IN' on His Anti-Trump Rage

"President Trump wanted James Comey to investigate the infamous "pee tape" allegations - to reassure Melania that he hadn't actually paid Russian hookers to urinate on a hotel bed, the former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief claims in his upcoming book", The Post reports.

Republicans will highlight Democratic criticism of Comey over his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email. Trump later said the Russian Federation investigation was on his mind when he made a decision to fire Comey. "It's unprecedented to my knowledge to have the president's personal attorney raided like this".

President Trump greets then-FBI Director James Comey at the White House on January 22, 2017. The Associated Press purchased a copy this week.

A week later the Justice Department appointed a special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who has doggedly pursued the probe as well as possible obstruction of justice by Trump.

Mueller's probe has expanded to include whether Trump obstructed justice by firing Comey, an idea the president denies.

Throughout the book, Comey writes that Trump showed all the hallmarks of a congenital liar. Yet Comey's book is already a best-seller and expected to send shockwaves through the White House.

The New York Times' former chief book critic Michiko Kakutani returned to the publication to review Comey's memoir, which will be released on Tuesday. "He said nothing. I read in his posture and face a message that he would not be able to help me".

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President Donald Trump was sweating the infamous, and unverified, pee tape, James Comey claims in his new book. That reopening ended up going nowhere, and Comey quickly reclosed the case, but Clinton later blamed his decision on her losing the presidential campaign.

"Comey is now set to make millions of dollars off this impending book tour all while trashing the President the whole way", said Sean.

Mr Comey's book will be heavily scrutinised by the president's legal team looking for any inconsistencies between it and his public testimony, under oath, before Congress.

Comey admitted previous year that he leaked parts of his private conversations with the president to the press, using a lawyer-friend as a middle-man, in the hope that it would result in the appointment of a special counsel.

He provides new details of his firing.

Mr Comey writes that Mr Kelly, now the White House chief of staff, was "emotional" over the manner in which he was sacked. Comey moreover was joined by NSA Director Mike Rogers, CIA Director John Brennan and then-Director of Nationwide Intelligence James Clapper.

In retrospect, however, Comey said he might have handled it differently if he knew Clinton could lose.

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