Fortnite Battle Royale Now Has a New Replay System

Fortnite gets a pop-up fort with the new Port-a-Fort

Fortnite gets a pop-up fort with the new Port-a-Fort

Epic Games has added another new game mode to Fortnite and this time it is an updated version of the 50vs50 mode that was released a year ago.

When you switch to another slow-firing weapon now - including the rocket launcher, hand cannon, revolver, tactical shotgun, pump shotgun, heavy shotgun, bolt-action sniper rifle, hunting rifle, and the crossbow - it will take some time for it to be ready to fire. The limited-time 50v50 mode also returns, with an updated "v2" version available temporarily.

The final storm circle will be visible on the minimap as soon as the map begins, enabling players to plan ahead for where they want to go.

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Drone style camera that is loosely attached to the selected player.

"We have identified an issue with our email service becoming backlogged", Epic Games adds. Epic Games has yet to comment on the reemergence of the exploit, but it was likely reintroduced as a result of other changes made this patch, including the removal of the Pump Shotgun's reload animation. If you're downed too, then you will lose 10 health per tick rather than two like in the standard modes. The patch, released earlier today, didn't change much about guided missiles outside of their travel speed, but it appears those updates somehow broke the weapon's animation. A delay has been added to weapon switching too, so players can not rapidly switch between shotguns in close quarters combat anymore.

The patch notes can be viewed in full via Epic Games. Watch how he uses his dome to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat! Theory, who has been with the team since its formation will apparently be replaced.

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