White House approves $1.3B artillery sale to Saudi Arabia

Tunisia condemns Israeli attack on Palestinians in Gaza

Tunisia condemns Israeli attack on Palestinians in Gaza

On March 22, the Trump administration approved an arms sale of 1 billion US dollars to Saudi Arabia, including about 6,700 USA -built anti-tank missiles. The artillery-firing autos launch 155mm shells. The agency said the artillery would help the Saudis modernize their military and improve their ability to cooperate with the USA military.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz, reporting on the comments, said Saudi Arabia does not officially recognize Israel.

According to the statement, the latest deal will see Saudi Arabia buy 180 M109A5/A6 medium self-propelled howitzers and equipment to convert these into the M109A6 Paladin artillery system. American defense firm BAE Systems handles the majority of Paladin conversions for the USA military. Days before the first agreement was announced, the Senate debated and then shelved a resolution calling for an end to US support for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

The United States today approved a contract to sell Saudi Arabia 180 self-propelled artillery systems for Dollars 1.31 billion, in the latest stage of perhaps the world's biggest arms deal.

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About March 22, the government approved a £ 1 billion arms purchase that included about 6,700 USA -built antitank missiles, in addition to upkeep and spare parts for American tanks and tanks in Saudi Arabia's arsenal. Tens of thousands of U.S.jobs could be created, the State Department said at the time.

Riyadh's heavy-handed strategy to defeat the Houthis, punctuated by an devastating artillery and aerial campaign - which has reportedly included the use of cluster bombs, which have been banned under the global rules of war - has generated outrage among human rights groups.

But in March, Mr. Trump lauded the Saudis military prowess, noting the country's defense coffers could be a boon for American weapon-makers.

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