Closings begin in case of Orlando shooter's wife

Defense Rests In Noor Salman Trial

Defense Rests In Noor Salman Trial

Omar Mateen was a monster. "It's about Noor Salman".

Up next in her trial are closing arguments. Mateen died at the hands of law enforcement after a standoff at Pulse. The FBI opened an investigation into the money transfers.

The statement said in part that 'the last two years, Omar talked to me about Jihad.' Swift said Salman wasn't an extremist, and thus not capable of such a discussion. Frumkin also questioned the length of questioning.

These previous omissions "have placed Ms. Salman, the jury, and this Court in a dark wood where the search for truth has been thwarted", the motion states. Frumkin testified any length of questioning beyond 4 hours should be considered excessive.

Defense attorneys for the woman accused of helping her husband plan a deadly nightclub attack are telling a jury that she had no idea what her husband had planned that night in June 2016.

They point to Salman's contested statements to Federal Bureau of Investigation agents in the hours after the attack, in which agents say she confessed. "It's about Noor Salman", the judge said.

'It's a disgusting, random, senseless killing by a monster, ' Swift said.

Family for Salman say this line of defense has taken its toll on the defendant. "She asked where you were xoxo".

Mateen's initial plot was to sneak the rifle into the shopping and dining resort in an infant's carriage with a baby doll inside, Sweeney said in comments carried by the Orlando Sentinel. Salman lived on a $20 allowance, and would probably be thrilled to be be given access to a bank account, something else that happened shortly before the shooting.

'Suspicious packages' sent to Central Intelligence Agency and USA military facilities
Few details were released on the package found at Fort Belvoir, but a base spokesman said that it had been rendered safe. Baldanza says the incident is under investigation and the Pentagon was referring all inquiries to the FBI.

Defense attorneys described Salman, who was born in California to Palestinian parents and once lived in Rodeo, as a simple woman with a low IQ.

But there was a dramatic development in the case this week, as Salman's lawyers pushed for a mistrial - alleging that prosecutors failed to provide information to their client.

The attorneys for the widow of Pulse Orlando gunman Omar Mateen are expected to rest their case Tuesday.

'She still looks at Hello Kitty and romance novels, ' he said.

Very little is known about an investigation of the Pulse gunman's father. Whenever Mateen cheated on his wife, going out with Nemo served as a regular alibi.

Sweeney showed surveillance video of the Disney Springs complex that captured Mateen walking near the House of Blues club in the hours before the Pulse attack. Only after seeing security in both of those places did he drive to Pulse, and even as he shot up the gay bar, his phone continued trying to lead him to a different location.

The Orlando nightclub shooter meant to attack Disney World's shopping and entertainment complex by hiding a gun in a stroller but became spooked by police and instead chose the gay club as his target, prosecutors said Wednesday. Mateen had claimed allegiance to a leader of the group.

This email was sent after jurors heard Shahla Mateen, Omar's mother, deny during cross-examination that her husband had any relationship with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Regulars at Pulse have told media, including The Advocate, say he'd been at the club regularly for years.

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