Who Bit Beyonce? Fans investigate claims star was bitten on face

Art Streiber exclusively for GQ

Art Streiber exclusively for GQ

The ongoing mystery of who bit Beyoncé on the face at a showbiz party looks like it's going to rumble on after Scrubs star Zach Braff joked that he was the culprit.

Ever since Tiffany Haddish told an nearly too-crazy-to-be-true story about how she once witnessed an unnamed actress bite Beyoncé's face at an after-party for a Jay-Z concert, fans have been trying to nail down the identity of the mystery woman who dared to attack Queen Bey.

Haddish and this unnamed actress apparently ran into each other several times throughout the night.

Even though there has been rumours that both singers are in a relationship, a recent picture has shown that it may be more serious than we think. She approached Beyonce at the bar to check on her. Haddish asked if it was true that she was bitten in the face, to which Beyonce replied in the affirmative.

Twitter users took to Twitter to give their two cents on the matter. "She bit Beyonce in the face". Want to know who she is? Haddish has been very candid about her humble beginnings, often including her eclectic and at times heartbreaking upbringing in her comedy routines.

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When asked who was responsible, Smith said it was a decision made by the players and not the coaching staff. During their discussion, Bancroft removed the item from his pocket rather than where he had put it earlier.

Haddish and Beyoncé shared a smiley selfie that night, but the comedienne has already landed in the wife of Jay-Z's bad books for blabbing about it later. She laughed it off on Twitter and said if she ever did bite the singer, it certainly would not have been a bite that was meant to harm her.

"She gonna get her ass beat tonight, '" Haddish recalled telling Beyonce.

Sanaa lathan denies biting beyonce. After another follower said, "SPILL IT CHRISSY", Teigen wrote, "deep down, you know". The real person? I *never* would have guessed.

The news may seem silly but Vulture made an all-out investigation.

Haddish told the reporter that she learned to use turpentine as medicine from YouTube videos and purchased some a few months ago on Amazon.

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