Europeans, IMF tell Trump to step back from trade war

Trump to visit California next week, San Diego stop expected

Trump to visit California next week, San Diego stop expected

A ceremony for Trump to sign a document to set steel and aluminum tariffs is planned for Thursday afternoon, a source told Reuters.

Cohn was critical of Trump's singular, major legislative victory, playing a central role in the development of the Republican tax overhaul.

The White House says there could be exemptions to USA plans to impose tariffs on metal imports, in a softening of its tough stance.

Despite opposition at home and overseas, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said the United States president would sign the measures in by the end of the week, with U.S. media reporting it could happen as early as Thursday.

The White House schedule released late Wednesday didn't list a tariff announcement for Thursday.

Trade adviser Peter Navarro told Charles V. Payne on Fox Business Wednesday night that Canada and Mexico would be excluded, but implied that whether it stays that way depends on renegotiating NAFTA.

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin had indicated earlier this week that Canada and Mexico could be exempted from metals tariffs on the condition that talks to renegotiate NAFTA were "successful."

Appearing on the TODAY show this morning, Bishop argued import tariffs could spark a trade war in which "everyone loses".

Hicks reportedly told the panel that she occasionally told "white lies" for Trump but never lied in regards to anything related to the Russian investigation. "There's a theory that if a country doesn't have steel, it doesn't have a country".

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he wants to withhold judgment until the final details are out.

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"Many of our members are discussing with the administration just how broad, how sweeping this might be", he added. This is about defense.

Mr Cohn's departure, announced Tuesday, came as the president made a decision to move forward with a plan to slap tariffs on steel and aluminium imports - a move long opposed by Mr Cohn and promoted by Mr Navarro.

Political voices across Europe have echoed critics in the USA urging Trump to drop his metal-tariffs plan, saying it would cause more economic harm than good and fail to address the root problem of overcapacity in China. Similar statements and threats of retaliation were issued from European Union officials, prompting retaliation from Trump.

But Trump 's aggressive plan to punish abusers by imposing 25 percent tariffs on steel and 10 percent on aluminum, against friend and foe alike, angered U.S. trading partners. He's rarely spoken about priorities for the continent, which garnered a mere seven paragraphs on the very last pages of Trump's National Security Strategy.

Canada, Mexico and other countries may see "carve-outs" on national security grounds, a spokeswoman said.

A new report Wednesday said the US trade deficit in January - the amount its imports exceeded its exports - reached $56.6 billion, the highest monthly total since October 2008.

"They're doing a lousy management job, they have the highest taxes in the nation and they don't know what's happening out there".

China condemned the tariffs, warning that it was prepared to deliver an "appropriate and necessary response".

Watch Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi speak with reporters.

"Choosing a trade war is surely the wrong prescription, in the end you will only hurt others and yourself", he said.

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